Thursday, 18 October 2012

Why this election doesn't matter

I watched the 2008 US presidential election with great anticipation.  Here was someone who finally seemed like would bring legitimate change to the United States.  Barack Obama.  He was an unconventional candidate.  He had a foreign sounding name, he was half black, he was young and he wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth.  He ran with the slogan of hope and change.  It felt like this election actually meant something because of the disaster of the Bush administration.  If Obama won, maybe the United States would be a more respected place.   Maybe they wouldn’t be the policeman of the world and invade countries without reason.  It seemed like the election actually mattered to the future of the country.  


4 years later and what has changed since the Bush administration?

Nothing, except gays are now allowed to serve openly in the military.  Good one Barry, now everyone is allowed to kill innocents by your orders.  You don’t have to be a libertarian to be disgusted with the president.  Compared to Bush, Obama had been a much more violent president when it comes to unmanned drone attacks.  In his entire 8 year presidency, George W Bush had 45 ordered drone attacks.  Obama ordered 51 in just 2009 alone. 

 As I type this American drones are flying over Pakistan and bombing targets they suspect to be enemies of the United States.  The horrifying fact is that 80% of the casualties of these attacks are civilians as a reported by RT today.

Probably the worst thing the Obama has done in his presidency is the signing of the National Defence Authorization Act(NDAA).  If you don’t know what this is I seriously advise you to become educated on this.  On this past New Year’s Eve(how sneaky) President Obama signed into law a bill that allows the American military to arrest and detain American citizens indefinitely without a trial.  This takes away essential rights that have been valued by every civilized nation for hundreds of years.       

Neither of these issues have ever been mentioned in passing in the mainstream dialog of the upcoming election.  They’re too busy throwing around buzzwords like “middle class”.  The mainstream news coverage is ignoring the things that Obama and Romney fundamentally agree on like NDAA and drones and instead talk about useless polarizing quotes like “Bigbird” and “Binders full of Women”.    

The debates are a farce.  I find more meaning in watching an episode of WWE Monday Night Raw because at least everyone watching WWE knows it’s fake.  People watch the debates think that this actually has an effect on the future of the country
To think that these are the two men that are the best choices that Americans have is such an obvious sign that the 2 party system is completely broken.  Republicans and Democrats no longer represent distinct ideologies but now are just sports teams with different animal logos

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