Monday, 5 August 2013

Shedding my ideologies

Its very simple math
Me with kitten=more views

This blog entry is kind of a disclaimer for my previous blog entries and a preview of my next one. This blog was once named “The incoherent ramblings of a Libertarian Atheist”.  Both of these ideological labels I wish to no longer be associated.  I do not wish to identify as a Libertarian any more.  I want to say I am libertarian leaning when I’m asked political questions.  But frankly, I really don’t care about politics anymore.  At least the way politics is force-fed to us by the mainstream media outlets.  When I was passionate about politics, I noticed that I was an unhappy person.  The more I knew about how much nonsense the political world was made of, the more stressed out I became.  I thought I could make a difference by voting in elections and buying into the way political systems worked.  In short, I used to believe it was real.  But that is a discussion for another time.  As a libertarian I’m tired of people assuming I believe certain extreme right-wing dogmas.  So I am disowning myself from the political arena.        
You ruined it for me Rand!

I do not wish to be identified as an atheist anymore.  Only when I am asked, “Do you believe in God?” am I an atheist.  More specifically the Abrahamic, anthropomorphic God.  No other time will “atheist” define me. Because now, “Atheism” comes along with a lot of ideological baggage.  There is a sort of assumption that if you’re an atheist, that you’re also kind of a lefty, and a skeptic to an extreme.  It would be great if Atheism was only the answer to the God debate, but this is unfortunately not the case.
"Atheism Plus" was/is an attempt to make a leftist ideology out of atheism

Now I enter a new chapter of my intellectual life.  This chapter will be defined by nothing other than my attempt to mold ideas of my own.  No doubt my ideas will change over time as I collect and reform better ones from minds much greater than my own.  In fact I want to be a flip-flopper.  I think it shows intellectual honesty.  I want to be as open minded and scientific as I can be, without being constrained by an ideology.  Science only forms rough frameworks of how reality works.  Real science in theory isn’t attached to any theory of the world.  It creates a blueprint that works better than the one that existed before and discards the previous one.  But it is never 100% true.

Religion and ideology however do not act like this.....

To be continued

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